Tantric Sex Revealed – How is it really done?

Tantra escort sexThis write up on tantric sex is a general article that takes care of the popular demand article on ejaculation techniques. Several articles have been authored, but still, many things remain yet unknown i.e. there is still a lot to know and practice. Transforming love making into a tantric journey is what I will briefly talk about in this write up. Personally, I would recommend private or personal tutelage with a tantric practitioner or tantric lessons with a class so as to acquire information on specific methods; methods such as the “PC squeeze”, the press”, “the pull” and so on.

To get your body set to run bigger energies, it is highly recommended that you start with the white tantra also known as ‘solo practice’. Practice how to breathe in and out fully i.e. deep exhalation and inhalation. At the end point of each exhalation and inhalation, hold the breath briefly. An added advantage or benefit is that you are enhancing your capacity to hold and run energy in your body, while the energy in your body starts and ends.

Naturally, your style will be developed at its own pace. It will be better if you don’t just thrust but rock as well, the energies of both of you and your partner should be harmonized, stimulation should be regarded to be beneath slow sensitivity. This will help you to consciously maintain deep level of feeling and connection between you and your partner. Imposing speed limits on yourself during the process can be very beneficial if you are the type that has problems bothering on over-stimulation in the genitals i.e. you are moving faster than your partner to the known end point which is ‘ejaculation’. Slower movements have been recommended. To bring your focus back into your centre again, you can tell your partner to give you a timely or periodic reminder (such as using gentle words to invite you to look into her eyes or that she should use the tip of her finger to tap your heart).

Keeping a soft and relaxed stomach as well as freeing the sensations from your genitals to flow into every part of my body in my experience is just as effective, if not more effective than any other process. I usually feel my centeredness better when I have relaxed every of my attention in every part of my body. At the same time, my woman sees me as a more attractive person.

We have found that pausing for stillness during the act is another useful tip. You don’t have to say coarse things such as “stop, I can’t take it” because you will lose marks for style. However, you can make statements such as “let us be still for a moment so we can feel each other deeply”; this has the capacity to build more connection between the two of you. After which you ought to accept the love from her heart into your heart by looking deep into her eyes.tantric sex

When you start sensing that the arousal is getting more intense, it is recommended that each of you make use of full as well as very deep breathes. It has the capacity to diffuse the need for genital release in a man. It also allows the woman to reach for her orgasm to come to her. Be free and allow the arousal energy from the man to move up to the crown of your head and transform your level of consciousness.

The ‘1 – 10’ scale can also be employed. It has been proved to be helpful to some people (1 in this case means that you are not aroused while 10 in the same scenario imply that you are almost at the ejaculation point). These techniques which I have discussed in this material can all be brought into play in order to maintain arousal at around levels 4 or 5 and this can enable you have better control of your juice with constant practice. Levels between 7 and 10, there is great pleasure; however, most men often move from 6 to 10 rapidly. To make sure your woman is a true partner on this quest, it is advised that you communicate with her prior to the start of the whole process.

I strongly believe ‘blue balls’ come from stuck energy in the genitals which is the resultant effect of too much energy being allowed to remain in this area tantric yoga courtesansduring arousal. I simply breath deep to give room for energy flow right up to the crown of my head so as to alleviate the discomfort. On the average, it takes me about 3 to 5 strong breaths to achieve this. However, you need to seek medical help if the discomfort persists.

You may run an energetic cycle of the erotic charge through your bodies to deeply feel each other’s love. Visualize the sensation and charge from your penis to her vagina. She then draws this energy to her heart and transfers it back to your heart which then flows down to your penis again. This continuous process magnifies feelings of intimacy. With or without movements and physical penetration, this can be exquisite.

Any subconscious improvement in mechanics is not a tantra but just better sex. The technique is not as important as the consciousness you approach love making with and a variety of sexual expressions should be encouraged – both light and dark. Breaking old habits is the vital point here and as soon as you have experienced what is beyond the obstacle, you wouldn’t want to go back to just normal. The body always prefers to ease into love. Your experience will become richer and deeper once you develop awareness of your body. Making love then becomes “love making”. Sex should be made a sacred exchange of energy and should also be made important. Endeavour to make out calendar dates to make love. How often do you and your loved one deserve to be ‘loved up’ in a sacred communion?


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